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Brexit and the accountancy profession

The UK Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020. New rules apply from1 January 2021. This page brings together guidance and support from ICAEW for accountants and auditors on running your practice, audit regulation and professional qualifications.

Need to know

Professional recognition after Brexit: a step back but a clear way forward

4 January 2021: The new Free Trade Agreement is a step back from the Single Market arrangements for the recognition of professional qualifications between the UK and the EU – but there is a clear way forward. Dr Martin Manuzi, ICAEW's Regional Director, Europe, summarises what the agreement means for professional recognition in the accountancy sphere and what else is relevant for ICAEW members.

Transition period ends: New UK Audit Regulations

4 January 2021: Following the end of the Brexit transition period, new UK Audit Regulations are now in place, effective 1 January 2021. The major changes involve the qualification of EEA auditors and firms that could affect responsible individual (RI) status and ownership tests.

Transition period ends: Irish Audit arrangements

4 January 2021: The joint UK and Ireland Regulations issued in January 2020 remain in effect for Irish audits. Following the end of the Brexit transition period, some changes to eligibility are due. These will take effect once the Irish government has issued the appropriate legislation.

Practice guidance and support

Audit regulation

Irish third country draft registration application

Auditors of UK companies (ie, companies incorporated in the UK) with listings on the Irish Stock Exchange, (such as listed debt), will be required to register with IAASA as third country auditors at the end of the transition period (31 December 2020) unless their registration continues to be accepted on the Irish audit register.

Professional qualifications

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