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AppZen is the leader in AI software for finance teams. More than 1,800 global enterprises use AppZen to automate manual finance processes, reduce expenditures and gain real-time insights into their business spend trends.
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Strengthen your finance function
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AppZen is the leader in AI software for finance teams. Starting with AI-powered auditing of business spend, we optimize decisions for enterprises around the globe.

Products and services

Our patented software technology delivers AI deep learning, semantic analysis and Star Match™, the only automated spend validation that processes intelligence from thousands of data sources, documents, and images to understand financial transactions and make decisions based on finance policies.

AppZen helps finance teams to overhaul the way they work, by automating spend approvals and providing insights that help to reduce spend, streamline process and comply with policy.

AppZen instantly highlights high-risk, out of policy or fraudulent items to enable organisations to make better decisions. The software audits 100% of all transactions, pre-payment. It helps eradicate overspend by uncovering errors, waste and fraud so that finance teams can remove them from the spend process.

Using AppZen’s AI solution enables organisations to manage the big trade-off between reviewing all spend to find spend leakage and non-compliance, and maintaining an efficient process.

Companies, such as Electrolux and Airbus, are part of  a customer base that includes, globally:

  • the top five banks,
  • four of the top 10 media companies,
  • four of the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers,
  • two of the top five aerospace companies, and
  • six of the top 10 software providers.

AppZen is the platform of choice for today’s digital CFO and their teams.

Appzen at ICAEW Virtually Live

Virtually Live 2021 - 15-17 June

AppZen returned to support Virtually Live for the second year and provided a live session which can now be watch on demand. 

Autonomous AP: how AI is transforming accounts payable

Digital transformation is happening throughout companies, but it is finance where it is making the biggest impact, by eliminating repetitive manual work and delivering predictive intelligence never before seen.

Over the years, many technologies have been deployed that have enhanced the finance function, including enterprise resource planning mainframes, client server automation, business intelligence and analytics, cloud collaboration and robotic process automation. But all of these developments have really been leading up to the age of finance artificial intelligence (AI), which is now bringing previously unimaginable benefits to finance.

Technologies, policies and practices have been combined in various ways but, fundamentally, the problems remain the same. AI brings new levels of understanding, tracking, process optimisation, fraud detection and compliance to the accounts payable (AP) process.

In this session, AppZen explains how finance AI seamlessly integrates with existing and future finance technologies to achieve all this, and more.

AppZen, which has introduced Autonomous AP,  will demonstrate why you’ll want to know the difference between automation and autonomous when it comes to improving your finance operations.

Speaker: Imran Gohar

Imran Gohar is a Senior Solution Specialist at AppZen, covering the EMEA region, and has more than 12 years’ experience within the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash space. Before joining AppZen, Imran worked at some of the big names within the invoice automation and procurement solution space, including SAP Concur and Basware, helping enterprise customers to transform their finance functions.

At AppZen, Imran is instrumental in the development of AppZen’s Autonomous AP and Expense Audit product sets, and the expansion of their reach across EMEA. With an MBA specialising in the areas of operations management, finance and procurement, he has recently enhanced his capabilities in digital transformation by completing the University of Oxford’s Artificial Intelligence Executive Education programme.  

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Virtually Live 2020

AppZen's session was presented by its CEO Anant Kale. Anant described how he and his co-founder had a vision of an AI platform for modern finance teams, and how AppZen is making finance transformation into reality. Anant looks at the capabilities of AI and talks about the operational finance use cases that can be addressed with AI.


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Strengthen your finance function

This white paper, for CFOs & finance leaders, suggests strategies for CFOs to strengthen the finance function, weather the crisis & emerge stronger.