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Become an ICAEW insolvency licence holder

This section provides information about applying for an ICAEW insolvency licence.

Changes to the application process due to coronavirus

Please email your applications to regulatorysupport@icaew.com. If you have any questions regarding your application, please call +44 (0)1908 546 302.

Note: our telephone lines are operating at reduced capacity.

As a recognised professional body (RPB) we are able to offer the following types of insolvency licence:

  • Full licence – for insolvency appointments in relation to companies, individuals and partnerships.
  • Partial licence – for insolvency appointments in relation to companies or individuals only.

To become an ICAEW licensed insolvency practitioner and carry out insolvency work under the Insolvency Act 1986, you must:

  • pass the Joint Insolvency Examination Board's (JIEB) exams; For a full licence you need to pass all three JIEB papers, For a partial licence (for insolvency appointments in relation to companies), you need to pass the JIEB liquidations paper and the administrations, company voluntary arrangements and receiverships paper. For a partial licence (for insolvency appointments in relation to individuals), you need to pass the JIEB personal paper. You can also apply for a partial licence if you have passed all three JIEB papers.
  • meet the minimum experience requirements (600 hours of experience over three years);
  • apply to ICAEW for a licence;
  • be approved as a fit and proper person by the Insolvency Licensing Committee;
  • be granted an insolvency licence;
  • have professional indemnity insurance (PII);
  • comply with the Insolvency Licensing Regulations and Guidance Notes;
  • be monitored by us in accordance with minimum standards agreed with the Insolvency Service; and
  • pay the appropriate fee.

If you're not an ICAEW member, you can be licensed by ICAEW if you also become an affiliate of ICAEW. The application form below combines the licence application and the application for affiliate status and can be used by non-members.


Regulatory applications and fees

Access more information about the application process, including the 8-12 week’s lead time, the assessment process and fees.

Changes in firm structure – please tell us within 10 business days

It’s important to maintain your firm record accurately. An inaccurate or out of date firm record may constitute a misdescription of your firm. It could also lead to regulatory or disciplinary action.

Did you know? 

You don’t have to be an ICAEW Chartered Accountant to qualify and be licensed as an insolvency practitioner (IP) with ICAEW. By choosing ICAEW as your single regulator, we can reduce the administrative burden and offer current and future IPs a wealth of benefits and support.

Further resources

Members setting up in practice for the first time or firms moving into new areas of regulated work need to comply with a range of requirements, rules and regulations.