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Partner at ICAEW's Personal Finance Planning Conference 2020

Canada Life

Canada Life looks after the retirement, investment and protection needs of individuals, families and companies. We help to build better futures.
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We are building better futures in the UK through our wealth, insurance and asset management solutions. canadalife.co.uk

Canada Life has 3.4 million customers, 470,000 pension annuities in force, and manage more than £38.3bn of equities, fixed income and property, as well as a comprehensive multi-asset range through its investments division.

Canada Life sells products to individuals and corporate entities located in the UK through financial advisers.

It's parent company, Great-West Lifeco, is a financially strong, stable and modern global organisation. The oldest Canadian life assurance company, Great-West Lifeco’s foundation traces back to 1847 – meaning it's been helping its customers plan for the future for more than 170 years.

Since 1903, it has also been supporting advisers, customers and colleagues in the UK to build better futures together. We’ve built on the incredibly strong foundation of its parent company and its continued focus on customer care, colleague development and transformation is testament to its commitment to being the right partner for the long-term. 

Products and services

The Retirement Account

The Retirement Account is simple, low-cost and lets you bring all your pension pots together under one simple plan. As you enter retirement, you can choose to take a guaranteed income, pension drawdown or a combination of both.

Home Finance

Equity release lets you unlock the value of your property and take the cash as a lump sum. There are different types of equity release and a range of products available depending on your property and the type of loan you need.

Canada Life's range of lifetime mortgages let you choose how to release cash from your property. They can be used to unlock cash from your main residence or a second home, with flexibility over the amount you can borrow.

Wealth Preservation Account

With this trust, you can gift money for your chosen beneficiaries and receive optional yearly payments. After seven years, the gift moves out of your estate, which means there’s no inheritance tax to pay on it. Any investment growth is outside of your estate from day one. This can either be our Wealth Preservation Account, with investments based in the Isle of Man, or our Wealth Preservation Europe Account, with investments based in Ireland.

At ICAEW's Personal Financial Planning Conference 2020

18 November: 14:10
Lifetime mortgages: Have they come of age?

John Chew, Penson, Tax and Estate Planning Specialist at Canada Life, looks at the journey of lifetime mortgages and contrasts this with options now available. He will use a case study to consider the challenge of where lifetime mortgages would fit compared to other financial assets when providing income to clients in later life.


John Chew, Pension, Tax and Estate Planning Specialist

John has more than 30 years' experience working with advisers to help them navigate the broader issues of retirement and estate planning.

Most recently, John was Commercial Director at Fidelity International, responsible for the strategy and business plan for Fidelity Retirement Services. Prior to Fidelity, John worked at Legal and General as Product and Funds Director in the savings business.

Having helped establish trust companies, spoken on pension, estate planning topics and the use of lifetime mortgages in planning, he brings a wealth of experience from a broad-ranging career with thorough knowledge of pensions, investments, estate planning and the platform market. 

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Forever home
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  • 09 Nov 2020
  • 00:00 - 00:00 GMT

For many a forever home is their dream property, but in a changing world, people's needs are evolving. That’s why Canada Life has explored the concept in more detail, discovering how recent events are shaping people’s thinking. Alongside four chapters of research, there are resources and expert insight highlighting the opportunity for advisers.

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Retirement journeys
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  • 23 Sep 2020
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Retirement is changing. Society is changing. The way people spend their time and money is evolving and it is impacting retirement journeys. That’s why Canada Life have explored the different retirement journeys people follow and have created resources and expert insight that highlight these challenges and the opportunities for advisers.

Technical Eye
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  • 01 Jun 2020
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Read the latest edition of Technical Eye, Canada Life’s adviser magazine which focuses on technical issues around retirement planning, tax and estate planning and investment solutions. The Summer 2020 issue explores the new pension rules, changing appetite to risk and changes to the top-slicing relief.