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Articles and features published by the Corporate Governance Community

Practical tips for securing that elusive NED role

In this article we hear from Heather on the hot topics the audience wanted to know more about.

How should boards harness risk management to ensure future resilience?

The ability to not only survive but thrive in uncertain conditions is increasingly the understanding of what is meant by organisational resilience.

Taking on the role of ‘Non-Executive Director’… boards do need You!

The role of the Non-Executive Director (‘NED’) can be both challenging and rewarding, but it is important to know what you are getting into.

Operational Resilience - A guide for Non-Executive Directors

Resilience First July 2021

This first edition aims to provide practice notes and advisory tips in concise and user-friendly language, with highlights on principles for NEDs at work as well as practical aspects of work scope, issues, skills and working relationship with other board members and management.

Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance: what does the BEIS White Paper mean for company directors?

A key dimension of the reform package is the wider impact it will have on boards and company directors.

Corporate governance reviews

Corporate Governance Community Updated July 2019

A roundup of current and recently concluded corporate governance reviews and inquires - the latest being the Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance white paper published by the Government in March 2021

Three Things We Learned About Corporate Governance in 2020

This challenging year was an inflection point for companies from a corporate governance perspective. As we look towards 2021, we reflect on key learnings from 2020.

Long term incentive schemes

The manner in which senior executives of large public companies are remunerated is a high-profile issue and one which is likely to become even more sensitive in the context of Coronavirus.

Getting new faces into the boardroom

David Levenson of Coaching Futures asks whether we need to think differently about the composition of boards and aim to attract younger board members.

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