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Changes to ICAEW's Charity & Voluntary Community

Important membership changes are coming to the Charity & Voluntary Community from 1 January 2019.

ICAEW is aware that the members in the Charity Community consist of two groups. The first of these is those members working as professionals in the charity sector, either as auditors, advisors and finance directors within charities. The second group is those members who volunteer for charities, either as trustees or treasurers on charity and not for profit boards, or who volunteer in the wide range of volunteering opportunities which support of the activities of the charity. An example of the latter are those acting as volunteer gardeners, befrienders, counsellors and sports coaches. Some members will belong to both groups, those being charity professionals who also act as trustees or volunteers in charities and those which provide pro bono services and independent examinations to charities.

Members' professional needs

We know from feedback from our members that the needs of these two groups vary. Charity  professionals need technical information and to be kept aware of emerging technical and compliance issues in the sector. Volunteers, however, need a slightly different emphasis in the support we provide. They may need advice on how to be an effective trustee, or how to find a suitable volunteering role and a charity with a good fit with what they can offer. In addition, the free professional liability insurance that comes with Charity Community membership is only relevant for those volunteering or providing pro bono work. For many finance professionals in the charity community this is not relevant.

We have listened to what you have told us and, in order to support you better, changes are planned to the ICAEW charity and not for profit offering from 1 January 2019. Once the next round of fees and subscriptions opens, Charity & Voluntary Community members will have the opportunity to join one or two communities, the Finance Professionals Community and/or the Volunteering Community.

Membership changes

Members of the Finance Professionals Community will continue to receive the regular newsletter, containing updates on technical and compliance matters. They will also receive free access to the charity webinar series, discounts on ICAEW charity events and access to the Finance Professionals Community webpages for helpsheets, articles and to access the online eLibrary. The Professional Liability Insurance product will transfer to the Volunteering Community, and members who wish to retain advantage of this product will need to join the new community in order to do so. ICAEW is aware that this means a loss in benefits for Finance Professionals Community benefits. To compensate for this, the 2019 Finance Professionals Community membership will not increase and will in fact be reduced to £60 for ICAEW members, with all other rates dropping in line with this.

Members who join the new Volunteering Community will retain the benefit of the Professional Liability Insurance and, in addition, will have free access to the new ICAEW Trustee Training Modules. The modules are a new online training product consisting of five online modules which cover the duties, obligations, operational and strategic considerations of which charity trustees need to be aware. The modules are interactive and the users are taken through a series of learning screens containing text, interactive quizzes and case studies. There is an optional test at the end of the modules which users may undertake if they wish. In addition, members of the volunteering community will receive a regular newsletter containing news and articles on volunteering. The price of membership in the new Volunteering Community will be £30.

Two new communities

You can find details of how to join the two new communities in our communities section: