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Byte size

The cost of data breaches; monetising voice assistants; funding for UK cyber firms; small and wide data for analytics; post-pandemic innovation and growth; and UK streaming habits.

HMRC outlines late-filing penalty notices data breach

Tax Faculty April 2021

ICAEW members in practice have been among thousands of agents who have received late-filing penalty notices which are not for their clients. HMRC has investigated and provided an update on what went wrong.

Data Protection now the UK has left the EU: February 2021 Update

Business Law Department February 2021

The EU Commission has issued a draft decision that the UK will be granted a full adequacy decision which will enable data flows from the EU/EEA to continue as they did when the UK was in the EU. However the European Data Protection Board still has to formalise this and will not do this before it has consulted with member states.

Draft decision deems UK data laws ‘adequate’

24 February 2021: The UK government has welcomed the European Commission’s recent draft data adequacy decision, which paves the way for the continued free flow of data from the EU and the UK.

Tax news in brief

2 December 2020: Highlights from the broader tax news this week includes: free webinar for SMEs on EU data protection, HMRC to accept late elections to spread disguised remuneration loan balances, latest advisory fuel rates published and the repeal of VAT (Treatment of Transactions) Order 1992.

Staying safe in cyber space

The results of government consultation on cyber regulation and incentives have recently been published. Kirstin Gillon highlights some key findings.

HMRC to publish furlough claim details

If you are claiming furlough grant monies on behalf of your clients from 1 December 2020 you may wish to make your clients aware that HMRC is required to publish the names of employers and an indicative value of claims in the public domain irrespective of any data protection agreements you may have in place with them.

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