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Partner at ICAEW's Financial Controllers' Update 2020

FISCAL Technologies

FISCAL Technologies provides solutions and services that empower P2P and shared service teams across the globe to protect organisational spend from loss due to fraud and error.
Financial Controllers' Conference 2021 fiscaltec.com
Clarity and control
Finance leaders must juggle ever increasing challenges and expectations. This whitepaper enables you to navigate the minefield of P2P obstacles. Read now

FISCAL Technologies cloud-based forensic financial solution, NXG Forensics, empowers Purchase-2-Pay and Shared Service teams to reduce supplier payment error, optimise operating costs and reduce risk of fraud across the P2P process.

Products and services

NXG Forensics® is our pure-play, cloud based, payables assurance solution. Used on a continuous preventative basis, it monitors 100% supplier transactions prior to payment, identifies overpayments and adverse trends to defend against fraud, reduce loss due to error and drive process improvement.

With secure connection to any ERP system, the results of detailed analysis are delivered via understandable and easy to act upon reports and dashboards. Designed using artificial intelligence and machine learning, NXG Forensics deploys an extensive range of financial logic, recognised analytics and our unique algorithms to identify payment risks with exceptional accuracy and clarity. Delivering actionable intelligence and payables assurance through:

  • Simple daily routine prior to payment.
  • Dashboards and reports that identify risk categories to quickly dismiss transactions not considered an issue.
  • Delegation and segregation of duties for transactions to relevant team members for resolution.
  • Structuring workload, analytics across complex shared service and finance environments.
  • Filters to prioritise transactions and allow the user to focus in on the relevant/important transactions.
  • Identification and recording of the root cause of transactions issues, to assist process improvement initiatives.
  • Supporting regulatory reporting, such as Payment Practice and NFI Reporting.

NXG Forensics removes the need for resource-heavy audits, recovery projects and facilitates successful transformation programmes. It enables AP Leaders to quickly and simply maintain payment performance routines across both simple and complex finance structures.

Our customers use our solution to validate 100% of the payments processed by their ERP system due to the constraints and complexities that are inherent in P2P Automation solutions.

FISCAL Technologies solutions and services have processed more than one billion transactions across 16 years and protected £5 trillion in organisational spend.

Supporting ICAEW events

Financial Controllers Conference - 18 May 2021

After supporting ICAEW's first virtual financial controller's event in 2020, FISCAL Technologies is returning as a partner for our Financial Controllers Conference 2021 and is providing an on demand session.

Planning protection into your agility
On demand

Resilience, adaptability, agility – on your priority list for the next few years, but what’s missing?

As you make adjustments to support the organisation, each change in process or system introduces risk. New ways for errors can be introduced and weaknesses in controls can be exposed.

In this on demand session, you will hear how building a risk detection safety net to identify any exceptions in your accounts payable processing supports greater agility. It also provides finance teams with the confidence to make bold and timely changes.


Ray Welsh, Head of Product Marketing, FISCAL Technologies

Ray is a market development leader with 25 years of experience in enterprise business-to-business software vendors, focused on go-to-market strategy and product strategy. He has worked extensively with advanced analytics solutions in the finance and healthcare sectors.

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More information

Planning protection into your agility
  • Webinar
  • 18 May 2021
  • 00:00 - 00:00 BST

In this on demand session, you will hear how building a risk detection safety net to identify any exceptions in your accounts payable processing supports greater agility. It also provides finance teams with the confidence to make bold and timely changes.

In Partnership with FISCAL Technologies

10 priorities for CFOs and finance leaders for 2021
  • Helpsheets and support
  • 13 May 2021
  • 00:00 - 21:16 BST

Protecting your organisation's working capital is something you can do immediately with minimal cost and effort. FISCAL Technologies has created a scorecard as a helpful tool to inform your 2021 priorities

In Partnership with FISCAL Technologies

Protect cash and reduce costs in shared services
  • Helpsheets and support
  • 13 May 2021
  • 00:00 - 21:24 BST

Accountants payable teams everywhere are under pressure to keep invoice processing costs low while preventing risk to their working capital from entering their cash flow. Find actionable insights to protect your organisation from unnecessary financial loss.

In Partnership with FISCAL Technologies