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Insights on diversity and inclusion from ICAEW

Articles on D&I in the world of accountancy and the workplace can be found here.

Why we should all show allyship


Being an ally by recognising your privileged position and then supporting and including underrepresented groups creates a more inclusive workplace.

How to be an ally: managing neurodiverse teams


Neurodiverse team members can bring unique skills to an organisation. Simple daily actions will support these employees and allow managers to demonstrate allyship, as shown by a winning partnership in easyJet’s finance team.

Using mentoring to combat bias


Workplace mentoring schemes are well established as a tool to support career development. And with International Women’s Day on 8 March, we focus on their role in overcoming gender bias.

Social mobility: do we need a class pay gap?


Class pay gaps within your business are an important indicator of social inequality. Reporting them is essential if you’re serious about ensuring socioeconomic diversity at all levels

Tackling staff shortages with social mobility


Amid the current talent and skills shortage, business owners and recruiters may be tempted to panic hire to plug gaps. But this approach can risk dismantling efforts to build a diverse workforce.

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