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Ukraine crisis: the economists’ view


Four economists give their views on the conflict in Ukraine, Russian sanctions, and how the world’s economy will be affected in the longer term.

Why business transformation projects fail


Even with the most experienced leaders at the helm, businesses without a clear strategy, robust processes and a core personnel that is willing to change will face pitfalls in their transformation.

Passing on your wealth effectively


In many cases, married couples or people in a legally recognised civil partnership will pass their wealth on to their partner via their Will. Normally, on the first death, everything is passed to the survivor and then to any children (if they have them). Although this is probably the simplest way, passing on your wealth through a trust can be tax-efficient and provide more protection for your money.

Diversify markets and innovate systems to thrive in 2022


ICAEW’s latest Business Confidence Monitor lays the path for a complex year ahead for some manufacturers, with staff shortages, tax burdens and government support difficulties all highlighted as bumps in the road.

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