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Partner at Insolvency Conference

Manolete Partners Plc

Manolete is the UK’s leading insolvency litigation financing company, helping IPs to realise claims with a track record over 10 years backed by insolvency specialists around the country. We cover all insolvency claims.
Risk free claims
Working with IPs and lawyers to recover more for the Estate. We return 50% to 90% of net recovery. We bear full cost if we lose. Find out more

We are known for our sector expertise with over 630 cases. Manolete has built up a strong regional network of in-house lawyers. Case values range from £20k to £70m. Manolete self-insures all adverse cost risk and provides a full indemnity to the IP and the Estate.


Core to the Manolete model is a complete indemnity offered to the IP and the Estate. No ATE insurance is required.


Our in-house experts work closely with you and your choice of lawyer to bring about quick returns to the Estate. 

Essential updates for IPs

A 30 minute on demand session – participants are Board Director and ICC Judge, Stephen Baister, Chief Operating Officer, Nick O’Reilly and Associate Director for the South West, Charlotte May. 

The panel cover important updates on:

  • director’s duties
  • insolvency statistics 
  • recent cases on s.236 interviews and Re Blackwater Plant when Part 7 procedure is needed for company claims (plus a £10k court fee)

We also present a 90 second summary of our model by Charlotte May.

Manolete Partners Plc

More information

Manolete Method

Five stages illustrating the path of a typical Manolete claim.

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