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Shareholder relations articles

Articles, feature and reports from the ICAEW on shareholder relations

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Access to funding: why your equity story matters

ICAEW Insights

Equitory is the largest dedicated investor communications consultancy in the UK. Its founder explains why investor relations is becoming more important for companies, and what makes a good equity story.

The stakeholder imperative: an urgent priority for boards

How have boards responded to the ongoing coronavirus crisis in light of the wide range of stakeholders they have to consider, and what should they be doing to plan for the future?

How to prepare for a successful remuneration policy renewal

New legislation and the UK Corporate Governance Code are forcing companies to consider a much wider agenda in the upcoming AGM season.

Waldron and Waldron 2019 EWHC 115

This is a shareholder dispute between three brothers and a sister, all involved in a construction and civil engineering business which had been set up by their parents.

Booth and Booth

Family Companies and Section 994, Companies Act 2006 - most common grounds by far were exclusion of a shareholder from management of the business.

Smaller Listed and AIM Quoted Companies

Designed to give investors, and other users, the ability to assess the financial integrity of a company, financial reporting and compliance with relevant reporting frameworks is an essential tool for holding management to account. More than this, high quality financial reporting can contribute to a strong and efficient economy by improving transparency and liquidity and thereby lowering the cost of capital.