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A software firm that can digitise your company expenses.

Soldo combines smart prepaid company cards with a comprehensive management platform.
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Make light work of spend management
Escape the chaos of agonising admin, painful processes, and blinkered visibility. This is Soldo – the spend management platform built for business. Find out more

Soldo helps thousands of companies to track and control spending, while automating accounting processes. Discover the brighter way.

Products and services

Soldo is the pay-and-spend automation platform that supports businesses.

Its platform connects smart company cards to an expense management automation system. It’s a smarter business expense management solution, giving you real time visibility and control over employee expenses, and saving everyone time.

  • With prepaid cards, empower employees to spend; set budgets and track spending in real time, from anywhere.
  • It helps automate all expense admin, send transactions, receipts and other data to accounting software through smart integrations.
  • It enables users to capture receipts and VAT fast, with photograph receipts, add VAT and categories on the Soldo mobile app.

Find out more about Soldo's prepaid business cards and real-time expense management

For small businesses:

Give cards to employees and teams to buy what they need. Set custom spending limits and rules for hands-on cost control. And snap photos of receipts to make spend management a breeze.

Soldo helps thousands of small businesses to manage company-wide spending from one place. It’s small business spending, as it should be.

Find out more about what Soldo offers business owners.

How does Soldo help retail businesses?

Soldo plays a role in supporting businesses with a simple plug-and-play solution that provides technology automation for business spend management. Soldo can empower teams – to allow companies to operate more efficiently, save time and cost. Allowing businesses to focus more on what is important, driving a return to revenue and growth.

For more information about how Soldo can support your business spend management needs please contact us directly at soldo.com

Soldo at Virtually Live

Soldo is proud to be supporting ICAEW Virtually Live 2021 and is providing an on demand session.

ICAEW Virtually Live - 15-17 June 2021

Open for business: How do retail operators gain a competitive edge in the new economy?
On demand

In this session Soldo are featuring a thought leadership webinar event focused on the retail sector and their strategies for growth as they open for business in 2021.

Viewers can gain insights into the business landscape as many retail operators re-open to a dynamically different high street and way of doing business as more innovation and agility is required, including the acceleration of ecommerce channels as many search for ways to thrive and become more resilient over time. 

Soldo speaks to SME finance and business leaders and ask them about their experience so far, and what drives business agility and innovation.

Notably, it witnesses the acceleration of digitisation within businesses – as they embrace technology solutions and particularly automation, to drive cost efficiency and save time on admin tasks. This was apparent in finance and operations and more broadly across the business, with online channels which allowed businesses to drive revenue opportunity.

The panel:

  • Michael Weedon, Chair FSB Retail and High Streets Policy Unit, Federation of Small Businesses
  • Adam Wills, Co-founder and Director, Crosstown Dough
  • Ciaran O’Donnell, Founder, The Virtual FD
  • Andrew Ball, Partner and Head of Hospitality, Haysmacintyre
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