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Interviews, guides and features giving you fresh insights, innovative ideas and an inside look at the lives and careers of ICAEW students and members. No matter what stage you’re at in your journey with us, you’ll find content to suit you.

ACA journey hub

My ACA journey – the learning curve

For ACA student Ashwini Poopalasingham, her third Certificate Level exam turns out to be a far more positive experience.

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Caba sleep hub

The A to ZZZs of sleep

Struggling to get a good night? We asked caba counsellor and sleep specialist Miro Cansky for his advice.

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Exam prep: T-minus 24

We asked students, tuition providers and ICAEW’s own exam team for their dos and don’ts of last-minute preparation.

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Inspiration and Interviews

What’s it like to… study with dyslexia

Diagnosed part way through ACA training, Matilda Stevens believes her challenges have made her even more determined to succeed.

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Welcome Inclusion

Every chartered accountant can help to encourage an inclusive profession.

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Inspiration, information and practical resources to support the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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When Chartered Accountants Save the World

Our major new content series explores how chartered accountants are helping to tackle some of the most urgent social challenges. Are you ready?

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