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‘Perhaps I should introduce you to one of my restructuring partners?’ was not a question that Jack Andrews, a partner in the major accountancy firm Nickel Turner LLP anticipated he’d have to ask longstanding client, Alex Murati. Alex’s once-booming Trivena restaurant chain was now struggling to survive. But Alex had another option. One of his cousins, Mika, wanted to invest and he’d run a successful restaurant chain in the family’s home country. Mika was also an astute businessman. Jack was forced to admit that Trivena’s payroll work could be done much cheaper elsewhere. Swallowing his disappointment, Jack was at least able to ensure that the payroll work went to King, Hunt & Maxwell LLP, a boutique accountancy outsourcing firm set up by his long-time college friend, Riley.

Mika’s injection of money and expertise brought instant results. ‘He must be the family’s business guru’ remarked Robyn, one of Jack’s colleagues, tasked with drawing upwhen reviewing Trivena’s management accounts. While it was unclear what had led to the change in fortunes, Jack was excited at the prospect of advising Mika’s other businesses. However, questions were being asked at King, Hunt & Maxwell LLP about changes at Trivena including its high staff turnover and changes to payroll. But these were put down to ‘new management, new ideas’. After all, Jack had known Alex for years, Mika was ‘family’ and Riley trusted Jack’s judgement and the quality of his client referrals…so what could go wrong?