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Yorkshire Brexit readiness programme

How’s Business is the Growth Hub for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. The Growth Hub is there to help business grow and develop by providing free, high quality support, digitally, via telephone and face-to-face.

The Growth Hub has a fund for accountants to give face to face Brexit readiness advice to small businesses who have a need for intervention. The support given to them must be meaningful.

For example:

A typical example of “need” could be that a business has made little or no preparation for Brexit.

An example of “impact” could be that the business is taken through the ICAEW Brexit checklist to understand how they could be affected.

Reaching the smaller, at risk businesses is a priority of this fund. The total fund is limited to £23,000 and £250 per intervention.

More information can be found in the Brexit readiness guidance or by contacting David Ryden.

The closing date for applications is 23/12/19.

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